Now, more than ever, securing your critical infrastructure is a top priority for all commercial businesses

and organizations. The global environment, pared with your internal physical network systems, has

changed the way businesses are secured and how we must make decisions everyday.

Carolina Network Designs helps their clients better focus and prioritize security management.



First: By correlating security risks to the physical IT layer,

our clients and organizations can first respond instantly,

identify, and assess the exact location, or person, of a

potential security threat within the infrastructure.


Second: It also helps eliminate the discovery time

associated with responding to security risks.

We run monthly test, and focus on gathering business intelligence to identify potential areas of vulnerability.


We focus on ensure business productivity by

managing the potential problems before they arise.


As all employers know these days, the new, younger,

and employed generation is steadily active in multiple social networks, personal emails, and seek access to many different websites for numerous things.


Downloading non-business related material is something that can fault not only their individual PCs, but also the companies network and servers in general.



Our IT Group can setup onsite and remote monitoring scans on your individual network, monitor all

activity, and block access to certain required websites if needed. All documentation would be

recorded and will comply with both the industry guidelines and government regulations.



A further step is to think about is the physical security of

not only your internal network, but your surrounding physical property as well. We have access to help provide a security

level for your companies building to record access to

your area, live cameras recording movement, and

security code access to certain areas.