Why should you choose Carolina Network Designs for helping design your corporate identity?

As many people understand and realize, a strong corporate identity shows brand recognition among your target audience. Our team of professional graphic artist and designers, in union with our marketing experts, will help build your company's unique image and thus build a powerful and recognizable corporate identity. This helps build the advantage for your company over your competitors to be more rememberable. It's been recognized many times that a business that has a consistent corporate identity is taken much more seriously than those that don't. It's all about marketing.



We offer corporate identity packages including creating the official corporate logo, shirts, hats, flyers, mass emails, business cards, envelopes, and letter stationery

just to name a few.


We also help focus on secondary items

such as folded brochures, posters, CD labels, and custom gift packages for your customer base. With our team's help,

we can guarantee your business will

obtain the professional results that it wants.




            What Is The Importance Of Your Logo?  

It separates the professional from the amateur, it is the foundation of your company's identity,

and helps define trust and feeling in the mind of the viewer. Our graphic designers have a full

understanding and focus of marketing and branding trends. We also strive to understand your

specific visions and goals, and relay this passion in designing your custom brand image.


Logos can be designs for primary business, marketing promotions, and special events.

The final result is a stunning logo that you can show on all marketing items, something

that will be rememberable when seen by all that view it, and that effectively defines

Your Company's overall business image.



So Where Do You Begin With This Idea?        

We actually arrange a private time to sit down with

either yourself and/or your business team, and

discuss the ideas, goals, themes, colors, styles, and

thoughts of your organization. We then design and

put together a complete personal portfolio that

reflects the identity that you are striving for.


Every portfolio is custom suited for the individual or company that we design for. Our Team can be as

creative as your organization wants, or as clean and simple as it desires. There are so many options, and

often thoughts and ideas can be setup not only for

the current operations, but also for growth and

marketing plans coming in the near future.