As a business now has their network infrastructure in place, they often have to worry about what

may fault and when. Overall, general businesses are steadily increasing in complexity. This is due

to the nature of the increased next-generation on-line capability, applications, and services.

All business invest heavily in real-time network management platforms, but also tend to

neglect their actual physical IT layer management as well.



Remote monitoring by Carolina Network

Designs involves and allows monitoring of computer networks for health,

availability, and overall security.


We believe in proactive monitoring of network

elements rather than waiting for a sudden

surprise or outage to happen. Pre-defined

thresholds are set for monitoring any and all

parameters, so any minor change in normal operational standards is sensed immediately.



We often, per one of our clients request, arrange a standard monthly visit to run

cleaning scans on all their PCs, check automated backups and security levels,

and manage any newly assigned software or network needs.



Surprisingly, and known by many employers, approximately over two-thirds of network or computer failures are related to personal activity issues in the software layer by their employed staff, and is not associated in their physical equipment failures.



Standard automated backups are arranged,

for not only the primary Servers, but also for the  individual Computers as well. One of our major

goals incase there was ever a complete mass failure in a computer system, is to have a

complete backup stored within the last 7 days.


Complete monthly backups will also be

scheduled, ran, and secured offsite incase

there was ever any damage to the

physical constructional building in itself.