In the growth of today's ever changing technology, our vision is simple... create a balance for our customers and give them the leverage and freedom to deploy and integrate changes across their

business in all aspects. That was the basis on the foundation of Carolina Network Designs.

Originally co-founded by Microsoft Engineers, in all their business travels nationally, their goal

grew to offer a turn-key solution for many business and in all aspects of their operation.



Recognizing that the IT World in general is constantly changing, our founders made the decision to focus on these three simple fundamental business principles:


       (1) Employment of the best technical talent

       (2) Excel in the delivery of total complete

           "Turn-Key" Services

       (3) Remain focused on personal customer

            satisfaction first and foremost.



Their vision was based on the simple idea, that when a company has a problem, most often the operations had to

call multiple different support groups. This was an ongoing problem for many. All businesses need the flexibility to

call the same support group each and every time to

give them the personal support that they wanted.


By deploying these simple principles to grow upon,

Carolina Network Designs started expanding their

entire complete services to a growing client base.



In the early beginning, our Support Team focused on its marketing and business development

plans, to offer companies a complete and turn-key package, establish their selves as a premier

Information Technology Consulting Company, and yet still remained primarily focused on being directly

and personally available to our clients. Regardless of the different business sizes of our clients, each

is treated equally, and this full support is the main focus for our group. In this focus on customer service, Carolina Network Designs has witnessed its customer base and consulting staff numbers grow dramatically.